Northern California Cycling Adventure

September 2019

By Nancy Dooley

            Brian Bellis, Ken Herrington, and I are looking into offering a 5-day cycling tour at the end of September for a limited number of interested club members.  The dates would tentatively be Wednesday September 25th to Sunday September 29th, for a five day tour from Sacramento to crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

            All of us have ridden in bicycle tours throughout out cycling careers. My first tour was with Ken Herrington as ride leader, as we pedaled from Big Sur to Los Angeles in 1988.  Brian is a relative new comer to cycling, but after completing an Idaho tour in 2015, he asked how tours are put together: what are the logistics, could we do this?  Ken rode across America in the Bi-Centennial with Diana, his wife; I have ridden in 25 bicycle tour all over America in the last 30 years.  So together, the three of us have the knowledge and expertise to coordinate an event like this.

            This notice is just a heads up.  Even though this trip is off in the future, it's important to get riders who commit if they are interested.  As the time draws near, those interested will get together for final plans.  Our Tuesday/Thursday riding group have been polled to get a feeling about who might be interested in coming with us.  The three of us took an exploratory drive in late April to check out our possible route: Old Sacramento to Winters, to Calistoga, to Guerneville, down the Russian River to Hwy 1 and the coast, to Olema, to the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco.  

            The cost would be modest for each rider:  lodging and meals would be each rider’s responsibility. The shared expense:  gas, vehicle rental which includes a trailer (or trailers) to transport our bikes, daily lunch makings.  We would ask each rider to sign up for one day of driving (or arrange for someone else to take your place!).  The plan is to load everyone up in Fresno and drive to Sacramento where we would begin a half day's ride to Winters.  At the end, from Olema, we would ride a half day to San Francisco, cross the bridge, load up and drive back to Fresno.  Five days total.  

Each rider would be limited to two 25 lb. pieces of luggage, as one of the vehicles would transport luggage to the next hotel as we progressed along the course. The number of vehicles will depend on who wants to sign up.

            If you might be interested in coming along on this trip, contact either:  

Brian Bellis (cell 559-288-2094), 

Nancy Dooley (559-875-6399), or 

Ken Herrington (559-299-2275)

 for further information.



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