Some FCC Ride With GPS Gravel routes

All-Roads Riders

(Roads of mixed surfaces)

Have you ever wished for a ride with gorgeous views, challenging terrain, and best of all, near zero traffic? You'll find rides like this on the FCC ride calendar  and posted on the FCC All Roads Group Facebook page -

"Riding gravel" is a newer phenomenon to the mainstream, but cyclists have been “all roads” riding since the dawn of the cycling universe.

Around here most of our roads are paved, but there are also miles and miles of dirt roads, fire roads, canal banks, and yes, gravel roads. These roads are generally isolated, but that also means that they are low-to-no traffic. Imagine riding 20 miles and seeing one or two vehicles. Pretty cool stuff.

In addition to opening up endless new roads to exploration, riding gravel is also a good complement to your overall road cycling.

Obviously powering your bike over dirt and gravel is more intense than it is on pavement, so you are able to get a more vigorous workout in a shorter time and distance. Many of the all roads rides are up in the forest, so hills and climbing are a given. The fitness gained from riding off the pavement will enhance your cycling in all aspects. Going off-road is also great for sharpening your bike handling skills. You encounter a few more “seat of the pants” situations which seem to help balance and feel when back on the road bike.

If any of this sounds appealing to you, consider giving it a try.

"Do I need a gravel bike?" Pretty much any bike with a wider tire is a good candidate for all roads riding. Mountain bikes, hybrids, cyclocross, and some touring bikes are all great candidates for taking "the road less traveled." And, of course, if you have a gravel bike you'll want to use it for its intended purpose.

So, if you see one of our All-Roads rides posted on the schedule, please consider joining us. If you have questions, email me at or join our Facebook group - 

It's an adventure you might just be happy you decided to take.  


Looking for potential routes? Here are just a few that we like -
Popular Local Routes - All Roads
Some FCC Ride With GPS gravel routes

Take a minute to browse through some pics from our rides -
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