Rules of the Road

Ever wonder what all those numbers and letters mean on the Ride Rating column of the monthly ride calendar?  Well, hopefully this is going to help you stop wondering.  Read on . . .

Required Equipment
Helmets are mandatory!  Bring basic tools for roadside repairs (i.e. patch kit, tire pump, spare tube and wrench if needed to remove your wheels.)  Optional tools: spoke wrench, hex key wrench and small screwdriver.  Bring money for emergency phone calls and for food/snacks during the ride.  Always bring water!

Choosing a Ride
Please do not attempt rides significantly beyond your ability level.  Your presence may hinder other riders, and you may injure yourself trying to keep up.  We encourage advancement, but don't become discouraged by "biting off more than you can chew."  If in doubt, err on the conservative side.  Call the ride leader for specifics on difficulty.  Rain cancels rides unless specified "rain or shine."

General Information
Frequent starting places are the Compass in Woodward Park; the parking lot near Fort Washington Starbucks; the Starbucks, NW corner of Perrin and Sommerville; Steven's Bicycles, NE corner of Nees and Willow in Clovis; Enzo's Table, SE corner of Shepherd and Willow in Clovis; the strip-mall at Shaw and Academy;  Clovis East High School at Leonard and Ashlan; and the Chuck Wagon at Annadale and Academy in Sanger.  Be ready to start at the stated time.

Unfortunately we sometimes make an error on the telephone numbers for club rides.  If you cannot reach the designated ride leader, please call a club officer.

Starting Time
All rides roll out at the designated time unless otherwise noted in the description. Arrive early or risk missing the ride. (No grace period.)

Classifications are based on an individual riding at a sustained pace on level ground.  Actual speed may change depending upon terrain/weather conditions.  Riding skills required are also listed.

Training Pace - may exceed posted speeds with fewer and shorter rest stops.
Social Pace - follows all parameters of that ride level.


AA:  Slow. Less than 10 mph.  For families with children and for those who would like a slower pace.  Re-groups often.  Waits for slower riders.
A:  Leisurely. 10-12 mph.  Stops as needed.  Some riding skills required.  Waits for slower riders.
B:  Moderate. 13-15 mph.  Good riders.  Social pace.  Re-groups every 30-45 minutes.  Waits for slower riders.
C:  Brisk. 16-19 mph.  Experienced riders.  Social pace.  Re-groups every hour.  Requires pace line riding.  Will wait for slower riders.
D:  Fast. 20+ mph. Strong riders.  Race pace.  Infrequent stops.  Requires pace line riding.  No obligation to wait.


1: Generally flat = Woodward to Friant: Reedley (0%)
2: Easy grades with a few hills = Piedra (1-3%)
3: Rolling hills = The Circuit; Bass Lake Loop (3-5%)
4: Harder hills = Prather; Humphrey's (5-8%)
5: Hillmania = Wildcat; Sky Harbor; Walker Grade (8-13%)
6: Unbelievable = Tollhouse Grade; Big Creek Rd. (13+%)


When you look on the ride calendar and see in the Rating Column something like B/3/26 Social; that means ride is a B skill level rated ride, with a number 3 rated terrain, 26 miles long, and a social pace.

For more information also see the article on Ride Levels.

Ride Leaders Ride Waiver Form (pdf)

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