Mark Perkins, Club Historian

   Mark Perkins has been the Historian for FCC for some time.  He’s currently living near Upper Lake, California, and recently contacted FCC about a few things.

Club Historian

“I've been extremely honored to have been appointed as the Fresno Cycling Club Historian by past club president, Bill Bruce. Bill did that because he had learned that I have saved every issue (except a very few -- I'm missing only 3 issues from Oct. '74 thru present) of our club's newsletter.  However, it's been more and more difficult for me to be involved with the club because I live in Nice, Lake Co., CA. Also because I am now 67 years old (Dennis Ball, I think you just passed me up). For some time now I've been thinking that the club should probably begin looking for someone to take my place. And believe me, that is very hard to say. I love this club. So I am suggesting that the members begin looking for someone to take my place as Historian. It will require someone who understands the principles of preserving historical data and artifacts. And someone who has the room to store and protect lots of F.C.C. historical items. When, and if that ever happens, I will (reluctantly) hand over my collection of the club's newsletters, and those F.C.C. related items.”

Climb to Kaiser book

“Some of you know about this, but I imagine many of you don't, or at least haven't seen it. For almost 10-years now I've been working on a book. This book, titled:

The Fresno Uphill Climb to Kaiser, the first 38 years of the Fresno Cycling Club's Greatest Event

The front cover shows the art work from the very first year.  The back cover shows the art work for I believe the 38th annual Climb to Kaiser.  Although the Climb to Kaiser has now been held for 41 years, I felt that I had to stop somewhere, and at approximately 700 pages I'm afraid that it will be too expensive for many people to buy. This is the final manuscript, and I have yet to have it published and printed. There are 429 b&w pages, 235 pages with varying amounts of color, and 43 blank pages, actually totaling 707 pages. Those who have seen it have so far had nothing but good things to say about it.

“I am considering something that I've just learned about known as Crowd Funding, but haven't done that yet. Today I decided to photograph the front & back covers, and share it on Facebook for the first time. I have never published a book before, and am welcoming any advice, or help getting this book in print, that will help me get this thing in the hands of people who are interested.”

Mark is also looking for suggestions/help in possibly relocating back to Fresno.  He still has a love of Fresno and its cycling community, but getting too old to make this move on his own.  If you’d like to connect/reconnect with Mark, you can reach him at, or his Facebook page:

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