The Rough Draft... Updates from the Fresno Cycling Club

The Rough Draft
A Monthly Update from The Fresno Cycling Club

October 2017

The Prez Sez...

Each Month, FCC Pres. Dennis Ball updates members on what's going on with the club.  In this month's column, Dennis talks about:
  • What does it take to make a "GREAT" Club?
  • The FCC/TC3 Time Trial Series
  • October Events, including the Bass Lake Double Century
  • Website improvements  
Check out HIS FULL COLUMN here.

September Club Meeting

The September FCC General Membership meeting was held on September 13 at Clovis Bicycle Company. Thanks to Dan Caton for graciously opening his shop for us to use. The meeting featured interesting presentations and information on several topics, from Cencalvia, to travel, to nutrition. 

Be sure to check out future Member's Meetings, which will present a variety of topics!

Check out MORE INFO here.  

Veterans' Day Weekend


Friday, November 10th – Veteran’s Day Observed

Saturday, November 11th – Veteran’s Day

FCC has something in the works on both of these days!

On Friday, we’ll be organizing our own event on November 10th to honor our veterans.  Stay tuned for details!  Check the FCC Member’s Facebook Page for more details.

On Saturday, we have been invited to participate in the Veterans Day Parade riding our bikes. The Parade occurs on November 11th at 11:11 am in front of Fresno City Hall, Fresno, CA.  The Fresno Veterans Day Parade is currently the largest on the West Coast and broadcast live locally and worldwide via satellite to all of our service men and women on bases around the world! Our goal is to honor all of our service men and women in a huge show of appreciation each year.

Let us all make plans to be a part of this two day event. It will be EPIC!

FCC/TC3 Time Trials

As Pres. Dennis mentioned above, September was  busy month for Time Trials!  The summer Time Trial Series finished up, and the annual Tollhouse Time Trial was held.  Check out the results, below.

American River Ride

Ken Herrington is planning this year's American River Bike Ride for the weekend of November 10th through 12th.  A nice autumn ride along the American River near Sacramento, with some great company!  Check out more information on this ride HERE.

Info from Mark Perkins, FCC Club Historian

Mark Perkins is the FCC Historian, and he's currently living near Upper Lake, California.  He recently updated us on the status of his book on the annual Climb to Kaiser Ride, as well as his position as the club historian.

For more information on this, check out his comments HERE.

Schoolhouse to Badger Populaire

The Fresno Cycling Club will wrap up the 2017 Brevet season with a ride called a Populaire (less miles than a typical brevet but in the same style). On Saturday, November 4 come out and beat those legs into shape for one more long climbing ride. This ride is 87 miles long with 7,700 ft elevation gain. But there are a lot of ways to modify the ride if you want to come out for part of it but not do all that climbing. 

Check out more information HERE.

Looking to find some Biking Buddies?

FCC is making every effort to provide riding options for riders of all abilities, interests, and time commitments.  Some members already have their "group" that they ride with, but many others may not, and don't know where to look.  Here's a current list of some of our groups, with links to find out more about them.
  • The A-Train. (A-level rides).  The A-Train focuses on new riders.  Matching up these new riders with more experienced members of FCC, everyone's a winner!  Why not increase your skills and enjoyment at the same time?
  • The Killer Bees. (B-level rides).  The Killer Bees calls themselves a "transitional" group.  Those that have mastered A-level rides can "move up," but more experienced riders also ride along for the camaraderie.  While some riders may at times go faster than typical B-level rides, The Killer Bees make sure to watch out for the needs of all their riders.  (Please note, these Bees tend to eat well after rides!)
  • All-Roads Riders (road/gravel/dirt).  Following a growing trend of exploring beyond the paved road, these folks will generally ride off in areas where traffic is not a concern, and the scenery is great!

Ride Calendar

The most up-to-date Ride Calendar for FCC is always available at the FCC website.  If you'd like a version to stick up on the refrigerator, here are PDFs of this month's rides (be sure to check website for updates!):


 That "other" bike club in Fresno, the Central California Off-Road Cyclists ("CCORC") is putting on their annual Woodward Park Homegrown Cyclocross Series this fall.  Have you ever experienced cyclocross?  If you don't think you can race it, go out and watch!  Bring your cowbell and have a blast.
Races are scheduled for Sundays, October 29th, November 12th, and December 3rd.  Please check out the CCORC Facebook Page for more information.

Construction Notices - Recharge Fresno

As we are all aware, Fresno roads have been impacted significantly by ReCharge Fresno, which will improve water supply conditions and groundwater recharging in the future.
Fortunately, the City of Fresno has made efforts to keep us well informed of where and when the roads will be impacted by this construction.

For the latest on impacted roads, here's a link to ReCharge Fresno's latest information

Bicycle Shops and Other Supporters

For many of us, eating and riding are the two major things in life.  We all rely on, and support our local bike shops.  These are the people dedicated to making sure that we can all safely enjoy what we do.  A few local restaurants go out of their way to accomodate cyclists.  Please be sure to support these folks, and tell them you are a FCC Member!

Other Items:

About Fresno Cycling Club

The Fresno Cycling Club is a group of some 800+ cyclists who enjoy bicycling as recreation and sport. As a club we seek to offer cycling events and activities that span a spectrum of cycling interests. Club rides are scheduled year round and range from novice level to 200 mile expert rides. We protect the rights of cyclists by following local, state, and national affairs as they concern cycling. Club members receive a monthly newsletter listing ride schedules and other information of interest to cyclists.  Don't wait another minute! Join now! Welcome to the Fresno Cycling Club.

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