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The Rough Draft

July 2019

(thanks Diana Dean for the photo!)



Greetings Club members and fellow bicyclists!  Another month has come and gone.

   I am happy to report that the 43rd Annual Climb to Kaiser was a great success. It was touch-and-go there for a bit, with one critical section of the route (Big Creek Climb) closed by a land slide and mounds of snow at the top of Kaiser Pass. It was doubtful if we were going to have a complete route this year. Thanks to the efforts of the Fresno County Road Department and the team effort they put together, they were able to repair the Huntington Lake Road, Beaver Slide area just in time for the C2K. In the two weeks leading up to the event we had less than 130 riders registered for all three rides. With the news that the route was going to be open and the outstanding weather report of mid 90's temps, we wound up having nearly 280 riders register for all three events.

   On the day of the ride the weather was just about perfect for the C2K riders: there were no hail or rain storms and the temps were well below 100 degrees. The first rider in on the C2K was Dr Jove Graham who decided after getting off work at 2 am that he would come do the C2K after a couple hours’ rest. His finishing time was 8:50. The first female rider in was Ivy Wang whose time was 11:21. The ride results can be seen at

   We were fortunate to have a number of our talented members work on their photography skills at C2K.  If you were a rider, or just curious to see more from the event, please check out our website,, where you can find links to their pictures.  Also be sure to check out the various Facebook pages, which also contained some great shots.


   Don't miss this year’s Tour de Lakes on July 27th. Ride Director Gia Parker is putting together a fun event for members this year. It is a multi-level (B,C,D) ride. This year’s ride will start at the usual locations; 08:00 am at the park and ride on Dinkey Creek road for the 55 mile and 75 mile routes and 09:00 am at Dinkey Creek for the shorter 33-mile route. Register at


   Thank you to all our great volunteers who helped make the C2K a great success. I received nothing but great compliments from the riders on how great our volunteers were and how friendly and accommodating you were. 


   Heading into our second month of the summer and we not letting up on the riding. Hook up with all the great weekly rides posted on our club calendar at the website or listed on our Facebook Groups: Fresno Cycling Club members, Fresno Cycling Club Rides, All Roads Rides, and the Killer Bees Rides.


   This year will be our second year at coordinating the Grizzly Century. This year the event will be held on Saturday September 14, 2019. This is a couple weeks early than in years past. This was done in an effort to avoid conflicts with other events. We are looking forward to working with the North Fork Community to put on the 25th edition of this great event. This annual event is a fund raising event for the North Fork Community and the historic Sierra Vista Scenic Byway. 


FCC Board Meeting:  July 3rd.  6:30 PM.  Me N Ed's Victory Grill, 4010 Cedar Ave.


   Nancy Dooley, Ken Herrington and Brian Bellis are working out the details on a five day Northern California Cycling Adventure, tentatively scheduled from Wed to Sunday, Sept 25th to Sept 29.  The plan is to start in Sacramento, and finish the ride by crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  For more details on the trip, as well as information to contact any of the ride leaders, please click here for more info.


The 2019 Blossom Time Trial Series continues, with the next event scheduled for Saturday, July 13th, along Friant Road.  Please click here for more information for this event, as well as the remaining events on the schedule.


   Now that the weather and sunlight are cooperating, the Thursday night rides from Enzo’s Table is becoming a very popular ride.

   We meet at 5:45 pm and roll at 6 PM. There are currently 2 ride offerings; from Enzo’s to Friant and back; or from Enzo’s riding the Circuit CCW.

   The start location was changed as there is less traffic to deal with and there is ample parking. 


    Devin Bovee has added to his blog, talking about Stewardship.  Find out the scoop in Devin's Latest Blogpost.


There are some great paid events coming our way. 

  • The Grizzly Century will be on Sept 14, 
  • The Bass Lake Double Century on Oct 12,  
  • The Hammer Ride will be Oct 19th. 


 For many of us, eating and riding are the two major things in life.  We all rely on and support our local bike shops.  These are the people dedicated to making sure that we can all safely enjoy what we do.  A few local restaurants go out of their way to accomodate cyclists.  Please be sure to support these folks, and tell them you are an FCC Member!


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