The Rough Draft for December 2021

The Rough Draft

December 2021

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The Prez Sez:

Greetings and Happy Holidays to all.

  The Annual Christmas Party is on for December 5, 2021!  Tickets are already sold out, as our room can only accommodate 120 people. Given that our past several annual events hadn’t sold out, we didn’t feel we needed to have a larger room.

   If you have a ticket, but aren’t able to make the party for some reason, let Mike Quiroz know as soon as possible, as others can use your ticket. Looking forward to seeing everyone! If you aren’t going to be at the party, we hope to see you Saturday, January 1st at the Annual New Year’s Day Muffin Ride.

   Please be mindful of your health status. Please do not attend this function or any of the Club’s rides if you are experiencing any illness symptoms of any kind. We want to provide a safe and healthy environment for our attendees.

   I'm excited for the New Year!  We’ve got some things that will be revealed in the coming months. We are working on reorganizing some of our staff positions, and creating new positions to provide opportunities for more of our members to be active in the administration of all our activities. This is in an effort to help distribute the workload amongst more volunteers, to help relieve the pressure on the few who have been doing the bulk of the work over the past several years. Over the past 10 years our club has grown exponentially and we are now at over 1100 members (that is if everyone paid their dues on time ;-)). By getting more organized and efficient, we can better serve our members,  as well as the many more cyclists in our area. Start thinking about what skills and passions you possess that can be put to use serving as a volunteer in the Club. More will be revealed in next month’s Rough Draft, so stay tuned.

Gravel Riding

   If you haven’t noticed, our club has expanded beyond being a “Roadie” club, which we have been for 50+ years. Within the past few years, Gravel Riding has become very popular and our members have found it to be a great addition to their road riding.  Some even preferring gravel to road a majority of the time. One of the most often mentioned advantages of gravel is that you don’t have to deal with much vehicle traffic. Gravel riding seems to be more adventurous than road riding, as you get to explore areas off the beaten path. We are blessed to have gravel options at Woodward Park, the San Joaquin River, as well as the areas at Ball Ranch and the new Tesoro Viejo development. Of course the mountains are loaded with gravel riding options.

   Ride Coordinator Henry Pretzer has created a Facebook Group titled FCC All-Roads Rides and Friends. Henry has knowledge of many of the great off-road gravel rides, and he enjoys leading these rides. The nice thing about gravel riding is that it can be done by a variety of bikes with properly equipped tires (including Mountain Bikes). The Bicycling Industry has responded to this growing interest by creating many variations of gravel-specific bikes, giving riders many options to choose from. If you haven’t tried it yet, Henry has been hosting gravel rides for beginners. Be sure to check it out if you don’t mind getting dirty. (8) FCC All-Roads Riders and Friends | Facebook

Board Elections

   It's that time of year when we vote for Board Members. This year, there are three candidates vying to serve in the Vice President position. Those holding other positions are asking for your vote to continue in their present job. 

   You will receive an email with voting instructions this first week in December. Take a moment to vote for the candidates of your choice.

   The voting will close on December 4th and the results will be revealed at the Christmas Party for by an email for those not in attendance.


Again, a separate email will be sent out shortly with the ballot.  Here are brief statements from the three candidates for Vice President:

Mark Locatelli

My name is Mark Locatelli. I am running to be the new Vice President of the Fresno Cycling Club.

I am the current A/B Ride Coordinator, and am also running for that position again.  I have been with the Club since 2013, and I’ve been a Ride Leader since 2014.

Lately, I have been leading rides for the “A-Train” (a ride group focused on our newer rider/members), and also leading other A/B rides. I have ridden with many other groups within the Fresno Cycling Club.

My favorite events are the Tour de Fresno, Tour de Lakes, California Classic, 17-Mile Drive in Monterey, Kirch Flats Ride, Cool Breeze in Ventura and the Lighthouse Ride in Morro Bay. Recently, I have also gotten into Gravel Riding.  Thank you.

Mike Quiroz

Hello friends and Fresno Cycling Club Members. I'm Michael Quiroz, and I would be honored to be your Fresno Cycling Club Vice President for 2022. I will be diligent and work hard for our Club.. It doesn't matter if you ride 2 miles or 200 hundred miles: we all share the love of cycling. 

I'm a past Vice President, and currently the ride director for Kirch Flat Century and Rides. I have always tried to volunteer for many events that our club puts on. These rides would not be possible without our great volunteers and members. I'm a past double-century triple crown rider x 2.

I’m a retired sales rep and merchandiser for Bayer Crop Science. I attended Fresno City College.  My hobbies include Cycling and playing the stock market! 

My Vice President duties would be, if given the chance, to volunteer and participate in all major Club events. I would also be in charge of our annual Christmas party and will attend meetings with the city of Fresno and Clovis for the advocacy of cycling.

 I will do my best if voted for Vice Presidency. I thank you for your time. My best regards.  Michael.

Brian Glessner

I have been into serious road cycling since 2011 after a transition from spin classes to road cycling.  Shortly after buying a road bike, I joined FCC and started attending the Tuesday/Thursday night group rides and was introduced to an awesome group of people that I adopted as my new cycling family.

Over the years of Cycling I have completed a variety of events including FCCs own Climb to Kaiser and Bass Lake Double Century.  I dipped into crit racing and cyclocross racing for a brief period of time before taking a hiatus off of the bike for 4 years due to injury.  In that time off, I expanded my training into trail running and obstacle course racing which gave me an opportunity to travel and experience new types of organized events.

Coming back around full circle to what I really enjoy, I picked up gravel riding and have come back into road cycling in 2021. 

I look forward to my time back with my FCC family and after volunteering for the Bass Lake Double this year, I would love an opportunity to give back to the club after all of my years as a member and participant.  

My ultimate goal is to get everyone out and active doing something they enjoy, and look forward to seeing every club member out on the road.  As a long-time member and participant I have the insight and experience to improve the club as a whole supporting to provide the long-lasting exceptional experiences that Fresno Cycling Club gives each and every member. 

“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Everyone Loves Raymond Recap

   This year’s Everyone Loves Raymond Gravel ride was a resounding success. The weather was awesome, the gravel roads were in good shape after the recent rain, the rest stops were fabulous and the after-ride meal and free beer made for a great after-ride experience. We could never do this without all the great volunteers to help put this together. The Ride Committee, headed up by Patricia Dailey and Henry Pretzer put a lot of effort in to making this a great ride. Not to mention the help lead by Rob Mavis handling the Radio Communications duties as well as coordinating the SAG drivers. They provide the support that makes for a safe ride for all.

   Great news: if you missed this year’s ELR, next year’s ELR has been scheduled for Saturday March 19th, 2022. Hopefully, some rain this winter will provide some great scenery!  Tickets will go on sale by the first of the year.

2022 New Years Day Muffin Ride

   Make plans to join us for the FCC Annual New Years Day Muffin Ride to Lost Lake and beyond. Starting from Willow/Nees at 10:00 am, Steven's Bicycles parking lot. There will be signups at our website to determine how many plan to attend. We will ride out to Lost Lake, then there will be optional rides from there. There may also be a gravel option from Lost Lake to meet up with CCORC riders at Tesoro for an additional gravel ride.

   As always be aware of your surroundings and stay safe while riding and during this continued uncertainty will the Covid-19 variants that keep popping up. We will be mindful of necessary protocols to keep everyone safe at our events and on our rides.

See you on the road.

The Prez, Dennis Ball

Local Bike Shops and Other Friends


 For many of us, eating and riding are the two major things in life.  We all rely on and support our local bike shops.  These are the people dedicated to making sure that we can all safely enjoy what we do.  A few local restaurants and other supporters go out of their way to accommodate cyclists.  Please be sure to support these folks, and tell them you are an FCC Member!

Other Items

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       If you’re looking for rides, be sure to check out the FCC Ride Calendar. We have various Ride Groups regularly having rides to help you get out and get some exercise. You've got to keep those riding legs, heart and lungs in shape. 

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