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February 2024

Greetings fellow club members and passionate bicyclists!

     I hope everyone made it through the holidays with a joyful spirit and good family times.  

     This year is getting off to a great start for Club rides. We had a great turn out for the Annual New Years Day ride with estimates of nearly 150 riders who braved the cold and overcast to join fellow club members for a ride out to Lost Lake and beyond. Thanks to Diana Dean, Henry Pretzer, Julie Coleman, Al Graves, and crew who served the coffee, hot chocolate, muffins, donuts, and hospitality. 

     The next club ride was the annual 17-mile Drive Ride sponsored by VP Janet Lucido and her hubby Jim, on January 13th.  Thankfully it did not rain so we were treated to a great ride.  See Janet's report on the ride below.  

     Have you set your riding goals for this year? The experts agree that the best way to achieve your goals is to sign up for riding events. A riding event generally requires you to do a certain amount of riding to get in shape to complete the ride. Now of course, not everyone's goal is to ride the Climb to Kaiser, most people start with a ride they can accomplish without a huge amount of training, for most people that's a Metric Century or a full Century.

     Many great events are coming up in the next few months including:

  • The Blossom Ride on March 2nd with routes of 20, 40 and 60 miles. You can use BlossomClub1C for a $10 discount through 02/05.
  • Everyone Loves Raymond Gravel Ride on March 23rd with routes of 36, 60, and 90 miles
  • The Southern Sierra Century on April 6th with routes of 20, 40, 70, and 100 miles.
  • Tour d' Femme on April 13th with routes of 46, 68, and 83
  • Kirch Flat on May 4th with a 65-mile Metric and 108-mile century route. 

     The key is to determine how often you're able to ride and how much time you can spend on a ride. Once you start riding you will find that you will be able to go farther and faster the more often you ride. Find a group that meets your needs for time constraints and abilities then get out and ride.   

     What is the purpose of a bicycle club?  

     A bicycle club is a group of people who share a common interest in cycling. Bicycle clubs can have different purposes, such as: 

  • Promoting cycling as a healthy, fun, and environmentally friendly activity. 
  • Organizing group rides, events, races, and tours for cyclists of various levels and abilities. 
  • Advocating for cyclists’ rights and safety on the road and trails. 
  • Providing education, training, and resources for cyclists and the public. 
  • Supporting charitable causes and community service through cycling. 

     The Fresno Cycling Club strives to do all the above and more. Our club is now 62 years old and still has a few of its original members involved. When I took over as President in 2012, there were about 300 - 350 members. Over the years we have seen as many as 1,200 or so come and go. At the beginning of 2023, we were hovering at about 825 members, but by the end of the year, our active members had gone down to just above 630. There are a variety of reasons for this drop in membership, some people stop riding, some people move away, and others don’t feel that the club is meeting their riding needs. It is interesting that after Covid-19 there was a big rise in membership in part due to the increase in folks riding their bikes to get out of the house and get exercise. I know that during Covid our members got used to riding in small groups and I have noticed that even after Covid people have stuck to riding in small groups and not as much on large club rides. What I have observed is that many of our trained Ride Leaders have not been leading rides, which may have an impact on people not riding, which in turn allows them to drop out of the club because they are inactive. I am hopeful that in this new year we can be more active with our weekly riding groups and get people out riding more.  

     That’s all for now, see you on the road, on the gravel or a trail. Be safe and as always ride legal. 

The Prez
Dennis Ball

2024 Monterey 17 Mile Drive Member Ride Recap

     29 People braved the pessimistic weather forecast and were rewarded with pretty nice weather overall!

     We met at 10 a.m. in Pacific Grove and split into two groups to ride into Carmel so we could eat lunch at from Scratch in shifts. The food there is so good and they are always very accommodating to us. After lunch, we split into two groups, the “high road” and the “low road”, depending on whether one wanted to do more climbing or see more of the ocean. The ride took us along the shoreline of Monterey passing Cannery Row, Lovers Point, and into the Pacific Grove area along the ocean.  Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time and we hope to see even more next year.

Janet Lucido, Vice-President

Special Members Only Cycling Clinics

Saturday, February 10th at 12:00 noon - Flat fix/Tube Talk at Trek North Store.

     Join us for a free demo focused on flat fixing and tube talk. Trek North is excited to work with the Fresno Cycling Club and provide members with tips/tricks on how to repair a flat.

Trek North

8476 N Friant Road, #101

Fresno, CA 93720

(559) 550-4291

Saturday, March 16th at 5:00pm - Tool Talk at the Bike Shop @ Woodward.

     Interested in learning how to do some of your own bike maintenance or prep your bike for ELR? Bring your tools and be prepared to learn how to use them. Tools will also be available for purchase. B.Y.O.B.

     This is a free event is limited to 15 people so you must register in advance.  Register online.

The Bike Shop @ Woodward

9433 Ft Washington Road, #102

Fresno, CA 93730

(559) 392-6657

     If you have questions about these events, contact Julie Coleman at


STOP AS YIELD LAW - SUPPORT LETTER (This was sent to CalBike)  

     I am Dennis Ball, the current (12th year) President of the Fresno Cycling Club. I have been advocating this law for years, I have been a long-time bicyclist and served on the Fresno Police Department for 40 years. During my last eight years in the Force, I was the Sergeant in charge of the Bicycle Unit. After retiring, I became involved with the administration of Fresno Cycling Club. The Club has been advocating for this Idaho Law passage for many years through our advocacy work. You would think that our Governor, who is so climate-conscious, would realize how this law would help our environment by encouraging more bicycle riding. 

     It is a known fact that CHP officers generally have a negative view of bicyclists, and it is reflected in their investigations of bicyclist vs vehicle accidents. They tend to favor the motorist as not being at fault when it is not obvious that the motorist was at fault. Most local law enforcement officers that I have experienced don't have time to bother with Bicyclists rolling through a stop sign or going through a red light that doesn't get triggered by a bicyclist, but CHP feels it's their mission to hold bicyclists to the letter of the law. As you mentioned it is the disparity of enforcement that is the biggest problem and the main reason, we need this law. CHP and some local Law Enforcement officers as well as even some cyclists I know feel that passing this law will give bicyclists the right to blow through stop signs without regard for traffic. I don't know any bicyclists that I ride with that have a death wish to just blow through stop signs or red lights. 

     Of more danger to bicyclists are motorists who violate the 3-foot law, but I don't see CHP concerned about that enough to enforce it. A check of available stats would likely reveal that there are more injuries to bicyclists as a result of the 3-foot law being violated than the running of stop signs by bicyclists. 

     My argument in favor of passing the Idaho Law, as you well know, is that when bicyclists approach intersections they are traveling at slower speeds. This allows them to assess the intersection for traffic and slow to yield or if clear proceed on through. I will not deny that there are a few people who blow through intersections without yielding, but they are an extreme few, and unfortunately, they are the ones who get the attention of motorists. Most of the ones I have seen are people (mostly homeless or people who can't drive - no license). I call them pedestrians on bikes because they don't follow any of the rules of bicycling, riding on the wrong side of the road, cutting across traffic, or blowing stop signs, and red lights. The fact that the law has been in effect for so long in Idaho and now many other states without reversal proves that it is a viable law. 

     The Fresno Cycling Club is in full support of this legislation and as a retired Law Enforcement officer, I am supportive of pursuing this law passage. 


     FCC’s local gravel event, Everyone Loves Raymond (ELR), will take place on March 23, 2024. Registration is open, so sign up now and join us for a fun and friendly time!

     ELR was chosen by Gravel Bike California as one of their top 5 gravel rides of 2023!

     If you haven’t seen Gravel Bike California’s video from last year’s ELR event, check it out -

     We will be having group rides to explore the Raymond area in the time leading up to the event, so please check the FCC ride calendar and the FCC All Roads Facebook group for upcoming Raymond gravel rides.

Register for ELR -

FCC Ride Calendar -

FCC All Roads Facebook group - “

 Henry Pretzer

The Killer Bees are planning their own Double Metric Ride for 2024.

     Greetings Fresno Cycling Club!

     The Killer Bees have set a Double Metric (125 miles) as their 2024 distance goal this fall (most likely in October). The training schedule is still in the works and the rides will be listed as "Training Rides", as opposed to social rides.  Our goal in training is to push the rider each time to go further and faster in a group environment.  To date, the Killer Bees have produced over 50 riders (Centurions) who completed their first century ride as a Killer Bee. Last year we had 14 starters with 13 finishers.  If interested, please plan on joining us.  Our first training ride will be listed on the FCC ride calendar later this year.  

     Find out more about the Killer Bees on our Facebook page using the link in the Club Ride Calendar section below.


Joseph is typing

Joseph A. Cassinerio II


Wednesday, Feb 7th, 2024   

6:30 PM

Me N Eds Victory Grill

4010 N Cedar Ave


Your Membership Renewal Date:




  • Everyone Loves Raymond Gravel Ride – Saturday, Mar 23.
  • Tour De Femme Ride – Saturday, Apr 13
  • Kirch Flat Century and Rides – Saturday, May 4
  • Ride of Silence – Wednesday, May 15
  • Climb to Kaiser and Tollhouse Century – Saturday, Jun 22
  • FCC Picnic & FACT Padyakan Ride  Saturday, Aug 31
  • Grizzly Century and Gravel Rides – Saturday, Oct 5
  • Bass Lake Powerhouse Double Century – Saturday, Oct 12


     The message to careless drivers in the Fresno area from local law enforcement and our legal system is clear enough. Killing a cyclist or pedestrian by running them over while you’re behind the wheel isn’t that big a deal. Even if you’re completely at fault. In fact, as long as you’re not driving drunk or high on drugs and don’t flee the scene, you’ll likely get off with a slap on the wrist. 

     The region’s systemic tolerance for drivers responsible for the deaths of people on bikes or foot was on display again recently in Fresno Superior Court. Where Johnson Chang pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanors, 15 months after the Clovis man, according to the California Highway Patrol, steered his Acura NSX onto the wrong side of Watts Valley Road and plowed head-on into cyclist Adela Santana-Mullooly. 

     A Clovis man, Johnson Chang, accused of crashing his luxury sports car into a cyclist riding in the east Fresno County foothills and killing her in 2022 pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a misdemeanor charge of vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence. He also entered not guilty pleas to charges of speeding and making an improper turn over double line. Killed in the crash was Adela Santana-Mullooly, 51, a college instructor, wife, and mother of five.  Along with being an avid cyclist and member of the Fresno Cycling Club, Santana-Mullooly was a lecturer in the anthropology department at Fresno State. She also taught at Clovis Community College. Read more at: 

     The most serious charge against Chang — misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter with ordinary negligence — carries a maximum sentence of up to one year in county jail. But since the 47-year-old has a clean record, wasn’t observed to be intoxicated, and cooperated with authorities, he’ll probably receive probation. While Chang gets off outrageously light, others in his situation dodged any legal consequences. The driver of the lifted pickup that killed cyclist Paul Moore in January 2022 outside Woodward Park while the 61-year-old retired teacher crossed the intersection under a green light didn’t face any charges. Neither did the truck driver that struck and killed Josh Brown, slamming into him from behind, while the 32-year-old restaurant employee pedaled in the bike lane along Bullard Avenue in October of that same year. Read more at: 

     This story is not intended to frighten our members into stopping riding, it is intended to make everyone aware of the need to be extremely vigilant when riding your bicycle. It's better to ride in larger groups when possible, and ride safely and ride legally. I always make a habit of riding far to the right side of the road when going around blind corners and blind intersections. And I always advocate wearing a mirror to see what's coming behind you.  


     The Southern Sierra Cyclists Club (Tulare County) is hosting the 3rd Annual Southern Sierra Century on Saturday, April 6.  There are four ride options. The 20-mile Foothill Family Ride takes you around the blooming orchards surrounding Woodlake.  The 40-mile and 70-mile rides complete a flat loop before tackling sections of Hwy 245. Hwy 245 has moderate climbs, little traffic, and wide lanes.  The 40-mile route has approximately 1,500 feet of climbing with the 70-mile route having 4,000 feet.  The full century heads up further along Hwy 245 before continuing on a loop to add more challenging climbing for an approximate elevation gain of 8,000 feet over the 100-mile course.  

     Early registration for this event is open now and continues through March 15th. Register here.  


     Beginning Tuesday morning, February 13th, Rubber Soul Bicycle Shop and the Fresno County Bicycle Coalition will host weekly rides starting at 8:00 am and back to the shop by 9:30 am.  The rides will start at Rubber Soul, 132 W Nees, 111 in Fresno (N/W corner of Blackstone and Nees) go out to the Friant Shell station before returning to the bike shop. Jon Stewart of Rubber Soul will lead the rides. Helmets and pre-ride registration are required. Rain cancels. Find out more details here.


     Have you seen the latest on road tires?  

     Road tires, which used to be 700×23C, have gone through the 25C era, and now that wide rims have become mainstream, 28C has become commonplace. In addition, wide tires of 30C or more are becoming standard. What is the driving feel of wide tires? What is the difference between 28C and 32C? 

     Road bikes continue to evolve day by day. Tires are no exception, and they continue to evolve with disc brakes, tubeless tires, and wider rim widths. The most notable point is the widening of the tire size. In the past, 19C and 23C tire widths were standard, then 25C became popular, followed by 28C tires which are now standard in races. In recent years, the ways to enjoy road bikes have diversified, and the choice of tire widths has expanded dramatically, with the advent of endurance, long rides, and even gravel roads. There are many advantages of wide tires with a large air volume, and the development of tires with good ride comfort and low running resistance has progressed, so "thick tires = smooth ride" as in the past has become a thing of the past. For this reason, most modern standard disc brake road bikes are compatible with up to about 32C. So, you used to have a choice as to whether you want a smooth ride or a fast ride, but now with new tire structures and designs, you can have both with larger-sized tires.  


    The following is a list of FCC ride groups and locations to find FCC Rides.

FCC Website



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