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Rough Draft 

May 2023

  Greetings cycling family

  Besides being the middle of spring, what does the month of May mean to you? If you have been bicycling for the past few years, you may be familiar with the term “May is Bike Month.” During the month of May, national bicycle organizations like the League of American Bicyclists, People For Bikes, Adventure Cycling, as well as bicycle clubs all over the country go to great lengths putting on events that bring awareness to the great activity of bicycling. It is the month of the year that bicycle advocacy is front and center, advocating for safer streets and better infrastructure to accommodate safer bicycling. Here's the People For Bikes event: 

  Our club has been actively involved in bicycle advocacy for well over 30 years. Bicycle advocacy requires persistence and our Advocacy Directors, Tina Sumner and her predecessor Nick Paladino, have done a great job of that. They work with the local, state and federal organizations to improve the safety on our roads and trails. Many of the improvements that occur today are the result of our Advocacy Directors efforts from years ago. Improvements in the works now will be realized in years to come as monies become available.

  A vital aspect of bicycle advocacy is strong Club membership. It is very important for advocacy because the larger the number of paid members, the more clout our Advocacy Directors have when talking to the various government agencies responsible for laws and infrastructure. Our Club's paid membership fluctuates throughout the year but averages around 650 a month. If everyone paid their dues, we would have over 1,200 paid members. When you tell someone you have over a thousand members, they are impressed. I encourage our members to use the recurring renewal feature of our membership system, so you don’t have to remember to renew. Most people get the renewal email, but if you don’t act on it when you see it, it gets buried and forgotten until the next event comes up and you need to register.

  Although ridership has seen an upswing during the past few years, the after-effects of the pandemic have resulted in a drop in weekly Club group rides. During the pandemic, members continued to ride, but mainly in smaller groups or by themselves. A lot of people continue to be out riding, but still in small groups (which isn't a bad thing).  But, it would be nice to see everyone out on larger rides on occasion. Let's get back to doing group rides together. Now that the pandemic has subsided, we need to get our Ride Leaders back on board with leading more rides.

See you on the road, the gravel, or the trails.

The Prez - Dennis Ball


  You ever have one of those little projects that everyone talks about and says we ought to do something about, but nothing ever seems to get done?

  Well, most members of the Cycling Club have ridden out to the Corrals at Watts Valley Road and Pittman Hill Road. It is usually a short rest stop for most riders to let everyone regroup before they continue or return. There has been a bench at that location for several years  I’m not sure who put it there or how long it’s been there, but recently it has deteriorated to the point that it was no longer standing on its own and was propped up against the fence. Recently a few Club members decided to fix the bench and reinstall it. The bench was brought home, sanded, and had a finish applied to it.

  On April 23, 2023, the bench was reinstalled. Through the efforts of Cody Hill (who picked up the bench), Jeff Imoto (sanded and finished), Bob Solem, Joseph Cassinerio II, and me, we were able to get the bench refurbished and reinstalled. You should no longer get splinters in your legs or butt.


  The Guinness World Record Challenge (most people passing a bicycle helmet), to support community and bicycle safety, is going to occur in Fresno on May 13th and 14th. The Guinness World Record Challenge will start at the beginning of the Tour de Femme event. The organizers will be at New Covenant Community Church on Saturday May13th, and look forward to involving as many people as possible before the ride begins - all to bring awareness to bicycle safety, and support of women in bicycling.  We need 250 participants to make the record, so this will get us off to a great start! The first 250 participants will receive a special Guinness World Record Challenge bicycle helmet :-)

  Additionally, we have scheduled the event on Sunday the 14th (Mother's Day), from 9am - 3pm at Woodward Park near the BMX bike track, in the Valley View shelter.  We would love for you or anyone from your organization (and their Moms) to attend the Sunday event!! And we will be glad to give the attending organization an honorable mention on our website and backlink if desired.  

  Come on everyone we can do this!


(click on link for more info and to register)

Sat, May 6th  - FCC Kirch Flat Century Rides

Sat, May 13th - FCC Tour de Femme

Sat & Sun, May 13th and 14th - Helmet Challenge (see above)

Wed, May 17th - FCC Ride of Silence 

Sat, May 20th - Ride w Supervisor Nathan Magsig to Corrals (TBD)

Mon, May 29th - Memorial Day Ride - TBD


Wednesday, May 3, 2023   

6:30 PM

Me N Eds Victory Grill

4010 N Cedar Ave


Your Membership Renewal Date:



  If you own an E-bike, it is important that you check with your insurance company, as most companies are not covering E-bikes under a homeowner’s insurance policy like they do for non-motorized bikes. They are requiring that you obtain insurance like a motorcycle or other vehicle for accident and theft coverage.


  LINKMYRIDE.COM is a new app that allows club members to post our rides and make connections with other riders via the app. An account has been created for the Fresno Cycling Club. You can find it listed as “fcc”. All you need to do is download the app from your respective phone app store. Create an account for yourself. Then search for “fcc” in Clubs. Request to be added and the moderator will allow you entry.

  The app allows us to post calendar rides, club rides and event rides. You can invite members to your ride. All rides posted by Club members for Club members will be covered by the Club’s insurance. This is an exciting addition to our ability to post and share rides. In order to use the app as a club member, your dues will have to be current at the time you request admittance.


  Time Trial Season continues this month.  The next date is Sunday May 21, 2023, and the Webscorer link to register: 

Webscorer LInk for FCC

  If you love “time trialing,” or even if you have never done it before, you will be excited to learn that FCC Member William Haines has volunteered to take the leadership role in coordinating this years' Time Trial series. William had been involved in riding the time trials for several years and offered to take over the lead. He has some innovative ideas he wants to implement to make the monthly events more attractive to riders.

  Time trialing is a terrific way to gauge your conditioning.  It is typically a 10-mile course (5 mile out and back), starting at Belmont Avenue and Academy, done as fast as you can. It is a race against the clock. The series schedule will appear in the Ride Calendar and announced on our Facebook pages.  


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FCC Ride Calendar


The following is a list of FCC ride groups and locations to find FCC Rides.

Groups in Facebook Messenger

  • FCC Mountain Men and Women/Velominati – C/D rides, foothill & mountain routes 50 – 80+ mile rides
  • FCC Spinoffs Cycling - C rides, 30 - 60-mile rides
  • FCC Gang Rides – C/D rides, 20 – 60-mile rides



FCC Website

  • FCC Ride Calendar:
  • Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday Riders – Herndon/Armstrong
  • ROG’s – Retired Old Guys
  • Tuesday Taco Rides – 6 pm at Enzo’s Willow - Shepherd
  • “A” Train rides – Monday’s 6 pm from Enzo’s Willow-Shepherd


Club Ride Calendar

 For the Latest Information on the daily, weekly, and event rides for Fresno Cycling Club, please be sure to check out the Ride Calendar!! 

FCC Ride Calendar


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