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Rough Draft 

Jan 2023


   It was nice to see all who attended this year’s Annual Christmas/Holiday Party. It was a great time of fun and fellowship. It is always rewarding to connect with our fellow riders and reflect on our rides and accomplishments of the year. It is difficult to anticipate how many members will attend the party as this time of year is so busy with other parties and activities. We had planned for 120, but less than 100 came. Those of us that were able to attend were treated to a fabulous dinner, dessert, prize raffle and entertainment.

- The Prez, Dennis Ball


   This Sunday, January 1, 2023, is our annual New Years Day ride, FREE for all Members.  

   The ride will start at 10:00 AM from the Steven’s Bicycles parking lot at the N/W corner of Willow and Nees. The first stop is Lost Lake Park, for some warm refreshments and camaraderie. You can either just hang out there for awhile, or there will be several routes to enjoy some additional riding.  You can do any one of the following:

  • Return back to Steven’s parking lot - 20 miles
  • Ride to Spring Valley School and back - 40 mIles
  • Ride to the Back side of Millerton - 30+ miles
  • Ride the Circuit Route CW (clockwise) - 35 Miles

   This ride is open to all bicyclists who can ride at least 20 miles whether an FCC member or not. TO DO THE RIDE YOU MUST REGISTER and sign the waiver:


Wednesday, Jan 4th, 2023   6:30 PM

Me N Eds Victory Grill

4010 N Cedar Ave


   Due in large part to the pandemic, the FCC cycling community has grown substantially. During the pandemic many people cleaned off old bikes, or bought new ones so they could get outside. The result was that bicycle sales went through the roof, and new bikes became hard to get for a time. For us long-time cyclists, it has always been a great way to get exercise as well as get the freedom of getting out of the house. Those of us in the club knew this and maintained our regular ride schedules throughout the pandemic. After cancelling most events in 2021, this year (2022) has allowed us to get back to a sense of normalcy. We look forward to 2023 with great expectations for an awesome riding year. We will host 6 paid events this year and will host member-only rides as well.


   As the cycling club moves into its 61st year of existence, our Board of Directors are committed to serving the Club members and our community to the best of our abilities. The Board members for 2023 are as follows:

  • Dennis Ball - President
  • Janet Manuszak-Lucido - Vice President
  • Mary Stubblefield - Secretary
  • Elida Gonzalez - Treasurer
  • Bill Reddington - Editor
  • Tina Sumner - Director of Advocacy
  • Henry Pretzer - C/D Ride Coordinator
  • Vacant - A/B Ride Coordinator
  • Julie Coleman - Director of Membership
  • Joseph (Joe) Cassinerio - Director of Killer Bees
  • Warley Gorospe - FACT President
  • William Ewy - Director of Technology
  • Kevin Nehring - Director of Support and Gear (SAG)
  • Ken Herrington - Honorary Historian
  • Diana Dean - Warehouse Coordinator/Volunteer Coordinator

   Our Board members meet on the first Wednesday of every month. Club Members are invited to attend if they want to bring ideas or suggestions to the Board, or if they just want to see how the Board works. We encourage our members to help us improve the operations of the club.

THOUGHTS ON 2022 & 2023

   A New Year is an opportunity for us to do a reset and make changes in our life. To do that, we must look at where we are and envision how it could be different. This can apply to all aspects of our lives, but since we are bicyclists, here are a few things to consider:

  • Has bicycling become a big part of your life? Are you passionate about it and how it makes you feel physically and mentally?
  • Have you thought about how your bicycling can be improved?
  • Have you set riding goals for 2023, i.e., # of events or # of rides?
  • How can the Club help you reach your goals?

   All great questions if you want to have a successful fun year of cycling. But it may not be necessary to have a "structured plan" if you just want to get out and ride your bike. The Club can help you either way, by joining in on our weekly group rides and putting in the miles. Check the ride calendar often or get involved in one of the regular ride groups.

   Let us not forget the dear friends and loved ones who we tragically lost this past year in bicycle vs vehicle collisions. These include Paul Moore, Steven Hunt, and Adela Santana.  Please keep their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Have a safe and prosperous New Year.   DYRYBT?


The Prez - Dennis Ball


This year, we made some changes to the Event Calendar. This is an effort to spread out our events, and reduce the workload on our generous volunteers.  Without their selfless dedication and tireless work, nothing could happen for the Club members! The Event Calendar is as follows:

  • Annual Muffin New Year’s Day Ride – Sunday Jan 1, 2023*
  • Annual Seventeen Mile Drive Ride - Monterey - Jan 14, 2023
  • Everyone Loves Raymond Gravel ride – Saturday February 25, 2023
  • Kirch Flat Century Rides – Saturday March 25, 2023
  • Tour De Femme – Saturday May 13, 2023
  • Climb to Kaiser – Saturday June 17, 2023
  • Tour de Lakes – Saturday July 29, 2023*
  • Grizzly Century and Gravel Rides – Saturday Oct 7, 2023
  • Bass Lake Powerhouse Double Century Ride – Saturday Oct 14, 2023

*= free members rides


   Fresno Cycling Club utilizes a company called Wild Apricot to manage our club’s membership and financial information. You may not be aware but there is a Wild Apricot “Members App” available to download. It gives you access to the FCC members contact info (phone/email of only those who checked the box to allow inclusion), and also has the following features:

  • shows you upcoming events and allows you to register.
  • shows you which events you have registered for.
  • it allows you to access your membership card (to show if requested for bike shop discounts).
  • it allows access to our new rider Waiver and the Volunteer Waiver.
  • it also allows you to edit your profile.

   To allow your contact info to be seen by other members, log into the FCC website, click on your name in the upper left corner. That will open your profile, click on edit profile, then click on Privacy, then you can select the details you want to allow to be seen. Then click the Save button. This allows members to contact one another to set up rides, plan get togethers, go have coffee, etc.

   If everyone will go to their profiles on the FCC website and make these changes, it will make it a lot easy for members to stay in touch.

FCC Ride Calendar


The following is a list of FCC ride groups and locations to find FCC Rides.

Groups in Facebook Messenger

  • FCC Mountain Men and Women/Velominati – C/D rides, foothill & mountain routes 50 – 80+ mile rides
  • FCC Spinoffs Cycling - C rides, 30 - 60-mile rides
  • FCC Gang Rides – C/D rides, 20 – 60-mile rides



FCC Website

  • FCC Ride Calendar:
  • Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday Riders – Herndon/Armstrong
  • ROG’s – Retired Old Guys
  • Tuesday Taco Rides – 6 pm at Enzo’s Willow - Shepherd
  • “A” Train rides – Monday’s 6 pm from Enzo’s Willow-Shepherd


Club Ride Calendar

 For the Latest Information on the daily, weekly, and event rides for Fresno Cycling Club, please be sure to check out the Ride Calendar!! 

FCC Ride Calendar


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