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Feb 2023


  Greetings to all our great bicycling family.  February marks another milestone in the Club's history.  It was 61 years ago that the Fresno Cycling Club was formed. That’s 61 years of putting miles on our bikes! Can you imagine how miles Club Members have ridden over that many years? We have members that ride anywhere from 500 to 15,000+ miles a year.  That's a lot of miles.  And we plan to keep on riding for many years to come.

   For years the Club was focused on road riding, but over the past several years we have branched out. If the pandemic has done anything positive, it has helped increase the number of enthusiastic bicyclists, and has encouraged us to branch out into enjoying various type of riding. Now Members not only ride road bikes, but have gotten into gravel and mountain biking as well. A few of our members have even gone to strictly riding gravel or mountain bikes, to avoid having to deal with traffic (especially after all the traffic-related accidents and deaths over the past few years).  Our focus as a Club is to promote safety for all bicyclists and motorists alike.  And we must remain vigilant in our efforts to so. Checkout this link for California's Bicycle Laws


Everyone Loves Raymond Gravel Ride - Feb 25th, 2023

Kirch Flat Century and Rides - March 25th, 2023


Wednesday, Feb 1st, 2023   

6:30 PM

Me N Eds Victory Grill

4010 N Cedar Ave


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   For many years, our club’s mission has been to work with the local, state, and  federal governments to improve the safety of road cycling. Our Club’s Directors of Advocacy (formerly Nick Paladino, and now Tina Sumner) have been active for over 35 years helping to improve our bicycling infrastructure, with the addition of bicycle lanes, trails, signage, as well as laws to require motors to give bicyclists a minimum of 3-foot clearance when passing.

   New this year: motorists are required to give bicyclists a full lane when available while passing. Unfortunately, there are still many motorists that aren’t even aware of the 3-foot law, so don’t expect them to know about the new law.   Although the Club is an active member in planning, our members are encouraged to join as individuals or families to help support the advocacy at all levels of government.  

  • On the local level, it’s the Fresno County Bicycle Coalition (,
  • On the state level, it’s the California Bicycle Coalition ( ), and
  • On the national level, the League of American Bicyclists is the oldest Bicycle Advocacy Group, started in 1880 (

Be sure to check out the vast amount of information regarding all aspects of bicycling and bicycling safety at each of the websites listed.


   The bottom line with bicycle safety is that it is entirely up to bicyclists to watch out for their own safety. All the laws and rules of the road are only good if everyone follows them. It is incumbent on bicyclists to ride as if no one sees them. You must always ride defensively, watching out for motorists (and other cyclists) so that you don't become the victim of a collision.

   It is highly recommended that cyclists wear rear view mirrors while riding, to allow you to see what is behind you. You have rear view mirrors for your car, you should be using one while riding your bike. It is one thing that can help you avoid being struck from the rear.

   Another element that helps is riding in small groups of at least 2 or more. I see a lot of solo riders out on the roads and often times it can't be helped when your schedule doesn't align with others, but always, when possible, try to ride in groups. It makes you more visible to motorists.

   Stay alert, see you on the next ride. As always ride safe and ride legal.

The Prez - Dennis Ball

FCC Member Alan Jacobsen to ride across the US to benefit Valley Children's 

   Fresno Cycling Club member Alan Jacobsen will soon be riding his bicycle across America to raise funds for Valley Children's Hospital.

   Beginning in late February and continuing for three weeks, he will ride from Huntington Beach, CA to Jacksonville Beach, FL. Alan has dedicated this ride to his grandson, Isaac, who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in August 2021 at the age of eight.

   Valley Children's Hospital played a vital role in his diagnosis, treatment, and cure for this disease. The Inspiration Ride is Alan's way of saying Thank You and giving back to Valley Children's Hospital.

   Please support Alan and Valley Children's Hospital by using the link and donating to the Inspiration Ride 2023.

   100% of the money raised goes to the Valley Children's Hospital Oncology program.

   For more info, check out the FCC Website:  Alan Jacobsen's Ride 



Get uninsured motorist insurance.

  • Uninsured motorist coverage pays your medical bills, lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, and pain and suffering.  If someone hits you and they have no insurance, too little insurance, if they hit and run, or the car is stolen, your uninsured motorist insurance covers you! It covers you on a bike, in a car, or on foot. It is indispensable.
  • Own a car? State law requires it to be insured. Look at your declaration page (it comes with the packet you get from your insurance company). There should be a section entitled Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist. This amount cannot be less than your liability amount (the amount that applies if you are at fault). UM only covers you if the other driver is at fault, so it is “non-chargeable.” That means it is not available to you if you are at fault. And your rates should not go up for invoking it.
  • Don’t have a car? Many insurance companies offer non-operators’ policies. That means you can have insurance, even if you do not own a car. Progressive sells a non-operator’s UM/UIM policy up to $100,000. State Farm up to $250,000. And AAA up to $500,000. These are just examples: there are others also.  
  • If you own a home you likely have homeowner’s insurance. That makes you eligible for an “umbrella policy.” Ask your broker about a Combined Single Limit policy into which you can fold excess coverage from your UM/UIM policy. That may qualify you for even more coverage. You cannot be over-insured. $1,000,000 is not unreasonable. $2,000,000 is not unreasonable. $5,000,000 is not unreasonable. It helps.

Program your phone with your emergency contacts

  • If you have a smartphone, ensure that your health ID information is set up and current. You can also make a photo for your lock screen that includes emergency contact info.
  • Add local emergency dispatch numbers to your phone for the cities or counties in which you regularly ride.  In some municipalities, using a cell phone to call 911 can route your call to the California Highway Patrol, which can add critical minutes to first responders’ arrival time. You can easily find the direct number for any municipality’s dispatch with a quick internet search.


  • Take a deep breath and regain your calm. You’ll be full of adrenaline but check yourself for injuries and seek medical help if you have any doubts.
  • Call 911 to get the police to come.
  • Tell the driver to stay. If they won’t, get a description of car and the license plate. Take pictures if you can.
  • Get the name and contact information of witnesses. Ask them to stay until the police come if they can.
  • Exercise your right against self-incrimination; don’t tell anyone the collision was your fault.
  • Remain at the scene until police arrive and request the officer files a report, and then request a copy.
  • Call an attorney.


This year, we made some changes to the Event Calendar. This is an effort to spread out our events, and reduce the workload on our generous volunteers.  Without their selfless dedication and tireless work, nothing could happen for the Club members! The Event Calendar is as follows:

  • Everyone Loves Raymond Gravel ride – Saturday February 25, 2023
  • Kirch Flat Century Rides – Saturday March 25, 2023
  • Tour De Femme – Saturday May 13, 2023
  • Climb to Kaiser – Saturday June 17, 2023
  • Tour de Lakes – Saturday July 29, 2023*
  • Grizzly Century and Gravel Rides – Saturday Oct 7, 2023
  • Bass Lake Powerhouse Double Century Ride – Saturday Oct 14, 2023

*= free members rides


   Fresno Cycling Club utilizes a company called Wild Apricot to manage our club’s membership and financial information. You may not be aware but there is a Wild Apricot “Members App” available to download. It gives you access to the FCC members contact info (phone/email of only those who checked the box to allow inclusion), and also has the following features:

  • shows you upcoming events and allows you to register.
  • shows you which events you have registered for.
  • it allows you to access your membership card (to show if requested for bike shop discounts).
  • it allows access to our new rider Waiver and the Volunteer Waiver.
  • it also allows you to edit your profile.
  • you can show your membership card at The Bike Shop at Woodward, and The Trek Store for 10% member's discount!

   To allow your contact info to be seen by other members, log into the FCC website, click on your name in the upper left corner. That will open your profile, click on edit profile, then click on Privacy, then you can select the details you want to allow to be seen. Then click the Save button. This allows members to contact one another to set up rides, plan get togethers, go have coffee, etc.

   If everyone will go to their profiles on the FCC website and make these changes, it will make it a lot easy for members to stay in touch.

FCC Ride Calendar


The following is a list of FCC ride groups and locations to find FCC Rides.

Groups in Facebook Messenger

  • FCC Mountain Men and Women/Velominati – C/D rides, foothill & mountain routes 50 – 80+ mile rides
  • FCC Spinoffs Cycling - C rides, 30 - 60-mile rides
  • FCC Gang Rides – C/D rides, 20 – 60-mile rides



FCC Website

  • FCC Ride Calendar:
  • Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday Riders – Herndon/Armstrong
  • ROG’s – Retired Old Guys
  • Tuesday Taco Rides – 6 pm at Enzo’s Willow - Shepherd
  • “A” Train rides – Monday’s 6 pm from Enzo’s Willow-Shepherd


Club Ride Calendar

 For the Latest Information on the daily, weekly, and event rides for Fresno Cycling Club, please be sure to check out the Ride Calendar!! 

FCC Ride Calendar


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