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Rough Draft 

Nov 2022

Greetings Fresno Cycling Club members  

  Greetings to all you wonderful bicyclists - you know who you are. If you're riding your bicycle on a regular basis, you know how awesome it makes you feel. The great thing about bicycling is that it improves your health in several ways: it not only is good for your physical health but also your mental health. It is so therapeutic to just get out on a nice bike ride. It doesn’t matter how short or long, but that you just do it.


  Fall is finally here! It seemed summer was going to last forever. Even though it was unusually hot all through October, we can't complain about the great weather we had for all of our recent cycling events. October was a busy month:

  • the Grizzly Century and Gravel rides, then
  • the Bass Lake Powerhouse Double Century, and finally
  • the Tour de Femme.

  Our attendance on rides is still not up to what it was pre-pandemic, but this year’s numbers were good enough in the October events that we were able to have enough positive cash flow after expenses to provide charity benefits to the Sierra Vista Scenic Byway from the Grizzly and to Margie Mason Center from the Tour de Femme.  We also covered the majority of our expenses for the year.


  As you should know, the mission of our Club is to promote safe bicycling. We do this by setting an example by the way we ride. Club members are committed to riding safely and legally. When riding on the streets of our community, that means:

  • stop for Red lights and Stop signs,
  • take the lane when it is too narrow to share (when safe),
  • when practical, move to the right to allow motorists to pass,
  • point out hazards in the roadway to riders behind us, and
  • say “On your left” when passing slower riders.

  Know your ride limits!  If you’re a “B” rider (12-15 mph) with a 30-mile limit, it’s not prudent to join a C/D ride that will drop you as they will be doing 16-20+ mph with a range of 50 -75 miles.

  Always think safety when riding.  Often, riders in groups want to chat while riding and they allow themselves to ride two or three abreast on the shoulder - this is dangerous, and it can be intimidating to approaching vehicles. It is also dangerous for fellow riders as it makes it difficult to swerve to avoid an object in the roadway.

  The disadvantage for cyclists when riding on the roadways is that we don’t have a 4,000-pound shell surrounding us for protection. It is therefore imperative that we always remain vigilant for objects in the roadway, approaching vehicles and anything that would cause us harm.

  One thing is for sure: no matter how hard we try, I doubt we can ever be good enough as a group of cyclists to change the perceptions that motorists have about cyclists. Motorists tend to lump all bicycle riders together, and when one cyclist is perceived as bad, then we are all bad. It’s funny it doesn’t work that way for motorists, when one motorist runs a red light or stop sign, they don’t say all motorists are red light or stop sign runners like they do with bicyclists. We must keep working at presenting a positive image of bicyclists and continue to do our Advocacy work to help design traffic infrastructures that are safer for all vehicles, whether a bicycle or motor vehicle.

  Be Safe! Ride Safe and ride Legal.

The Prez - Dennis


  November is Election Month for the FCC Board. There are eight positions that are elected positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Editor
  • Advocacy
  • A/B Ride Coordinator
  • C/D Ride Coordinator

  For the upcoming year, all positions are open to be challenged, as they are all one-year commitments. For the past several years, the current Board has continued to remain in their positions without opposition. Most have indicated a willingness to remain. However, the following positions have no elected incumbents that have declared to stay:

  • Vice President
  • Editor
  • A/B Ride Coordinator

   Anyone who is a member in good standing (dues current) may apply for any position that they feel they would like to tackle. You can nominate yourself or someone you feel would be a good fit for the position. Nominations will be open until November 15th, with electronic voting to commence thereafter. Nominations can be sent to, or


Wednesday, Nov 2nd, 2022   6:30 PM

Me N Eds Victory Grill

4010 N Cedar Ave


Register at:

This year’s Annual Christmas/Holiday party will be on Sunday Dec 4th, 2022, from 5 – 9 pm at the Clovis Veteran’s Memorial Building, 808 4th Street, in Clovis. Please note: there are only 120 tickets available (limited by room size). Last year, there were 122 registered but only 105 checked in. If you buy a ticket but are unable to attend please let or, know as soon as possible so that others may attend. Your ticket price would be refunded. 


This year, we made some changes to the Event Calendar. This is an effort to spread out our events, and reduce the workload on our generous volunteers.  Without their selfless dedication and tireless work, nothing could happen for the Club members! The Event Calendar is as follows:

  • Annual Muffin New Year’s Day Ride – Sunday Jan 1, 2023*
  • Everyone Loves Raymond Gravel ride – Saturday February 25, 2023
  • Kirch Flat Century Rides – Saturday March 25, 2023
  • Tour De Femme – Saturday May 13, 2023
  • Climb to Kaiser – Saturday June 17, 2023
  • Tour de Lakes – Saturday July 29, 2023*
  • Grizzly Century and Gravel Rides – Saturday Oct 7, 2023
  • Bass Lake Powerhouse Double Century Ride – Saturday Oct 14, 2023

*= free members rides

FCC Ride Calendar


The following is a list of FCC ride groups and locations to find FCC Rides.

Groups in Facebook Messenger

  • FCC Mountain Men and Women/Velominati – C/D rides, foothill & mountain routes 50 – 80+ mile rides
  • FCC Spinoffs Cycling - C rides, 30 - 60-mile rides
  • FCC Gang Rides – C/D rides, 20 – 60-mile rides



FCC Website

  • FCC Ride Calendar:
  • Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday Riders – Herndon/Armstrong
  • ROG’s – Retired Old Guys
  • Tuesday Taco Rides – 6 pm at Enzo’s Willow - Shepherd
  • “A” Train rides – Monday’s 6 pm from Enzo’s Willow-Shepherd


Club Ride Calendar

 For the Latest Information on the daily, weekly, and event rides for Fresno Cycling Club, please be sure to check out the Ride Calendar!! 

FCC Ride Calendar


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