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Rough Draft 

March 2022

Greetings Fellow Bicyclists and Club Members

   This riding season is getting off to a great start weather-wise. Even though we know we need rain, you can’t beat the nice warm weather to ride in. We are gearing up for a great year of bicycling and cycling events!

   To help with this, we want to bring on additional volunteers to fill newly created Standing Positions.  These positions (and the names of those who have already stepped up) are:

  • Marketing and Communications (Sandra Lucero),
  • Ride Activity Coordinator (Neil Mallery),
  • Logistics,
  • Permits and Reservations,
  • Insurance Liaison & Administration (Janet Lucido),
  • Webmaster (William Ewy),
  • Time Trial Series Director (Brian Glessner),
  • Safety Awareness,
  • Rest Stop Management (Mary Stubblefield),
  • Medical Team Coordinator,
  • Sponsorship Coordinator,
  • SAG Equipment Manager (Steve Ko),
  • Sanitation Stations Manager,
  • Graphics Design Director,
  • Club Clothing Manager,
  • Course Marking and Signage Coordinator (Bruce Wessels).

   As the various Standing Positions are filled you will find it easier to locate daily ride activities as well upcoming event activities. Coming in April we will be hosting our Ride Leader Training as well as Event Volunteer positions training.

   Have you ever wondered why it is important to keep your membership active? There are many reasons, but Membership Dues cover some of the monthly expenses such as:

  • Portable Toilets at two locations.
  • Insurance coverage for the Club (liability) and members (accident injury).
  • Website costs
  • Software expenses
  • Membership dues to Bicycling organizations, etc.

   So you see it is important to keep active and keep those dues current!  That’s all for now. Hope to see you on the road soon. Ride safe and ride legal.

The Prez, Dennis Ball


Wednesday, March 2, 2022   6:30 PM

Me N Eds Victory Grill

4010 N Cedar Ave


(jersey/shorts or bibs and accessories)

   We are excited to introduce the new Fresno Cycling Club Kit. Thank you to Club Members Monique Short and Troy Edolmo, who created the design for the new kit. Monique came up with the original design based on idea suggestions, and Troy added additional modifications to come up with the final design. The Voler Fresno Cycling Club store is open at:

   We have until March 14th to get our orders placed. If you’re unsure of sizing, Diana Dean will have sizing samples at the Dry Creek Trailhead, and you can try on the items you wish to purchase.   The schedule is as follows:

  • Sat Mar 5  -  3-5pm
  • Wed Mar 9  -  5-7pm
  • Sat Mar 12  -  3-5pm

   I hope everyone will get their orders in, so we can show our Club pride in the community, and whatever riding events we attend. It is so awesome to see groups of club members at various events. 


   On behalf of Paul Moore's Family, I would like to thank all of you who came out to show your love for Paul and his family. All who knew Paul know that he was with us in our hearts on this ride, and he would have loved the ride and the fellowship that was enjoyed by all. There were over 100 riders and attendees who came out to ride from REI (where Paul worked part time as a bike mechanic) to Clovis' 559 Beer Restaurant & Brewery to enjoy the food and refreshments.

   The owners at 559 Beer (Rhett Williams and his wonderful family) opened their business on Sunday to support Paul's family and help raise money toward the establishment of a Paul Moore Memorial park bench along the Sugar Pine trail near Paul's home.


   On Saturday, March 26th at 3:00PM, there will be a Quarterly General Member's Meeting at the Dry Creek Trailhead.

   Refreshments will be available, with more details provided as we get closer to that date.  We hope to plan the day's rides to either swing by the park or start and finish at the park for the meeting.  Come on out for an enjoyable time with fellow Club Members!


   If you haven't had an issue with your club membership recently you may not be aware that our last Membership Director, Michele Sosa is no longer available to help you! She and her husband Chris, who had been active members for several years, have moved to Seattle, where Chris took a promotion with the IRS. Michele was a great help to the Club by assisting members with the process of joining the Club or renewing their membership. She also helped with registration and check-in at many of our events.  We’ll miss her smiling face!

   However, we are pleased to announce that Club Member Pamela Long has volunteered to take on the duties of Membership Director. She will be taking an active role in the efforts that Michele had begun: updating the membership renewal reminder emails, going over the membership database looking for duplicates, incorrect emails and other issues with renewals. We look forward to Pam's involvement in this important aspect of Club membership. Any membership questions can be directed to:


   We want to announce that the Filipino American Racing Team (FACT) has appointed a new President to serve their group. President Warly Gorospe will represent the FACT on the FCC Board. It is exciting to see the increase in ridership among the FACT. They have been putting on weekly rides to all the local destinations. I also know they will be hosting their annual Padyakan Ride in April and we will be looking forward to it. The Padyakan is open to all members. 


   The Everyone Loves Raymond Gravel Rides will be Saturday March 19, 2022. Some may be asking: Didn’t we just have the ELR last November?  Yes, but prior to the 2021 event, the Ride Committee wanted to move the ELR to the spring, to take advantage of the greener country sides and low dust!  

   If you haven’t experienced the Raymond rides, what are you waiting for? There is camping available on Friday and Saturday night at Footman Park, right at the start/finish line. The fun of the campfire gatherings is awesome. Register at: 


   The FCC/TC3-sponsored Time Trials start up this month. FCC has been hosting the TT Series for many years. It is a fun opportunity for members to test their endurance against the clock. The series includes rides starting at Belmont & Academy (a 10 mile out and back course), as well as the Friant Road Time Trial.  All members of FCC and TC3 ride for free, and it is only $10 for non-members with the signed waiver. It is an event open to all bicyclists. The first event will be on March 15th, first rider off at 6 pm. Pre-register at Search for the FCC 2022 Time Trial.

   Our new TT Ride Director is Club member Brian Glessner who is taking over for Richard Gabel who has ran it for the past several years.


Everyone Loves Raymond - SATURDAY  MARCH 19, 2022 

Southern Sierra Cycling Event -  SATURDAY APRIL 9TH

Kirch Flat – Paul Moore Ride -  SATURDAY MAY 7, 2022

Climb to Kaiser - SATURDAY JUNE 18, 2022

Club Ride Calendar

 For the Latest Information on the daily, weekly, and event rides for Fresno Cycling Club, please be sure to check out the Ride Calendar!! 

FCC Ride Calendar


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