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January 2022


  As we put 2021 in the rear-view mirror, I hope you’re all excited for a new year of bicycling. We’ll be starting it off right with the New Year’s Day Muffin Ride. But, we still need to practice Covid protocols: If you’re not feeling well please don’t attend. 

  As we embark on a New Year, we are unfortunately staring down another year of uncertainty. One thing remains, we must endeavor to ride our bicycles and stay as healthy as possible. During the past nearly two years, many of us who have continued to ride our bikes have been able to avoid getting the virus. Hopefully this can continue into the new year. As we plan our rides and events, we need to be mindful of our health and that of those around us.  By taking certain precautions, we can decrease the possibility of getting exposed to Covid. Another factor in our favor is that being outdoors reduces the risk as well.

  It was nice that we were able to have a Club Christmas Party in 2021. Kudos to former Club VP Michael Quiroz who stepped up and volunteered to organize the Christmas Party. The party was held at the Clovis Veterans Memorial Building, ironically in the same room as 10 years prior. It was a fun night with a great catered meal and super entertainment.  There were 120 members (a sold-out event) in attendance. A good time was had by all.  A lot of pictures were taken, many posted on the Facebook page

Hope to see you on the road.

The Prez, Dennis Ball


The annual ride has been planned and it looks like the weather will cooperate!  There were120 riders registered at the time of this writing. It is a free ride. Register at


After the recent election the following will be the Board of Directors for 2022:


  • President - Dennis Ball (11th term)
  • Vice President - Mark Locatelli (newly elected)
  • Secretary - Janet Lucido
  • Treasurer - Elida Gonzalez
  • Editor - Bill Reddington
  • Advocacy - Tina Sumner


  • A/B Ride Coordinator (Until replaced) - Mark Locatelli
  • C/D Ride Coordinator - Henry Pretzer
  • Volunteer Coordinator/Quarter Master - Diana Dean
  • Membership Director - Michele Sosa
  • IT Director - William Ewy
  • Killer Bee Director - Joseph Cassinerio
  • FACT Director/President - Sam Valdez
  • Director of Rider Support and Gear (SAG) - Kevin Nehring
  • Director of Communications - Rob Mavis
  • Club Honorary Historian - Ken Herrington

Ride Directors:

  • Everyone Loves Raymond Gravel Ride - Patricia Dailey Elizondo
  • Kirch Flat Century - Michael Quiroz/Yvonne Moreno
  • Climb to Kaiser - Dennis Ball
  • Tour de Lakes - Gia Parker
  • Grizzly Century and Gravel ride - Tony Inderbitzen
  • Bass Lake Double Century - Gia Parker
  • Tour de Femme - Janet Lucido
  • New Year’s Day Muffin Ride - Mark Locatelli


The ELR Gravel Ride for 2022 has been move to Saturday March 19, 2022. This was done in an effort to take advantage of the springtime greenery in our local mountains, and avoid the late-summer dust. With the weather we have been having it, appears that we will be in for great riding conditions. Register at


The Reedley Lions Club presents the Kings River Blossom Bike Ride on March 5, 2022. The blossoms are in bloom and this ride is a great way to see them. Here is a link to the registration


   What is it that makes Climb to Kaiser such an amazingly challenging ride? Three main factors:

  • 155 miles
  • 15,500 feet of climbing, and
  • the unpredictable weather.

  It’s not just the amount of climbing it is the degree of climbing.  The first real climb, the Wildcat Climb averages 10% grade.  Then there is the Tollhouse Climb that has segments of 15 and 19% grades.  After that is the Big Creek Climb with segments of over 20% grade.  Finally, the biggie, the Climb to Kaiser which entails 7 miles of climbing at gradients up to 20+%. You would think this would be enough of a challenge, but then you throw in the climate issues and that can make a big difference.

  The 2022 event is scheduled for June 18, 2022.  Click below for more info:

More Kaiser Info

VOLUNTEERS - the lifeblood of our Club

Volunteer Training Academy

Did you know our club does not have any paid staff positions? 

 Did you know our club would cease to exist if weren’t for our volunteers?  

  What if I told you we had a plethora of opportunities that would allow you to give back to the club through volunteering, that did not require forfeiting riding in an event?  What If I told you these opportunities did not require attending any meetings; being on committees; or participating in group chats? 

  We all have special gifts, talents and interests and if we each bring ours to the table, oh….what endless possibilities we could do together as a club!!!! 

  Watch your emails later this month as we’ll be unveiling these opportunities as well as sharing more about the upcoming Training Academy we’ll be hosting. 


  As you may know, we had to cram our 2021 Event Schedule into the last five months of the year!  That’s a lot of work after an 18-month event hiatus!  It’s also a lot of volunteers to be called on.  Hopefully you took part in a few of these FCC 2021 Events:

  • July 31 - Tour de Lakes Members-Only Ride
  • Sep 11 - Annual Club Members’ Picnic
  • Oct 2 - Grizzly Century and Rides
  • Oct 9 - Bass Lake Double Century
  • Oct 23 - Tour de Femme Ladies Ride
  • Nov 6 - Everyone Loves Raymond Gravel Grinder
  • Dec 5 - Club Members Christmas Party

  Everything that happens to run this Club is done solely by volunteers.  FCC does not have any paid positions.  Volunteers are the backbone and the blood of this Club: no volunteers mean no events. 

  We sincerely want to thank each and every one of you who have volunteered for one or more events.  Some of you volunteer because you do not plan to ride the event; some of you forfeit your ride so you can help; some of you bring along family members to help; some of you help before or after so you can ride in the event.  For all of you, please know we appreciate you beyond measure. 

  However, this year there were eight FCC members we chose to recognize at the Christmas party for their exemplary service in volunteering for our events this year.  Please take a moment to recognize the following members:

ROB MAVIS & KEVIN NEHRING - Radio/SAG support for all events requiring this support.  These two guys (along with their crew) work together from the early morning start to the late-night finishes, tracking all riders until the very last one comes in.  If you have never peeked into the big white trailer operated by CARP (Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers - a ham radio club), please do so one day.

BILL ASSELIN & KEN HERRINGTON - SAG Drivers for all events requiring this support.  These two men are always ready to go for every event, often confirming their availability before we even send out the request for volunteers.  Some events make for long days (and nights), but these two are there every step of the way to support our riders.

JIMMY BARBOZA & BRIAN KESTERSON - These two guys love to participate as riders in the events, but have also found a way to give back to the Club from behind the scenes.  They help to load and unload the equipment trailer before and after almost every event, allowing them to help yet also ride on the event day.   

BILL TITUS - Many people volunteer for an event or two, but this man has volunteered at a majority of the events this year, helping at rest stops as well as lending a hand loading and unloading equipment before and/or after the events.  We need more Bills.  Be like Bill!

GIA PARKER - This woman is the Director Extraordinaire!  In addition to being the Director of Tour de Lakes, she also assumed a new role as Bass Lake Double Century Director this year.  No one else had stepped up to fill the position, so she spoke up and added it to her plate.  Gia has completed 5 double centuries but running one is a whole different ballgame and this gal knocked it out of the park! 


  Congratulations to the following Raffle Winners:

  • 60 min Massage from Massage Therapy of Fresno - LAURA MOORE
  • Bike Pump & t-shirt from Rubber Soul - ANNALISA OLIVAS
  • Entry for Everyone Loves Raymond Gravel Grinder 2022 & ELR signature wool socks - CHRIS SOSA
  • Entry for Tour de Femme Ladies Ride 2022 - CARISSA DANIELSON and JOE CASSINERIO
  • Entry for Kirch Flat Century & Rides 2022 - MARK LOCATELLI and DAVE OUSTAD
  • Entry for Climb to Kaiser 2022 - AL GRAVES, JANET LUCIDO and LANSE WOOD

  Special thanks to Pablo Armigo of Rubber Soul for sponsoring the two additional C2K entries!

50/50 CASH RAFFLE (total $1010.00).

  • $505 cash to MICHAEL STEVENS!
  • $505 cash to our cycling club!

  Thank you to all who contributed to the cash raffle and to Vicki Stuart who did an amazing job collecting and managing all these funds!

Club Ride Calendar

 For the Latest Information on the daily, weekly, and event rides for Fresno Cycling Club, please be sure to check out the Ride Calendar!! 

FCC Ride Calendar


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