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February 2022

Greetings Fellow Bicyclists and Club Members


  We started the New Year with a great turn-out for our Annual Muffin Ride! It was a big success with nearly 200 riders coming out to enjoy the New Year’s Day ride. Thanks to Board Members Bill Reddington (Editor), Henry Pretzer (C/D Ride Coordinator), Diana Dean (Volunteer Coordinator), and Mike Quiroz (Kirch Flat Director), for manning the Lost Lake muffin/coffee/chocolate bar. It was a great time seeing everyone together enjoying the first ride of the new year.

  The next FCC event was the Annual 17 Mile Drive Ride held in Pacific Grove. Over 50 riders were treated to a beautiful day of sunshine and fun. This ride was started several years ago by ride leaders Janet Lucido (FCC Secretary) and Jim Lucido, as a way for Club members to escape the winter fog and cold, and enjoy a winter ride in a beautiful scenic area. It remains a popular event for members to attend, as you can make it a weekend trip or a day trip. As always, riders were treated to gorgeous views along the coast from Pacific Grove to Carmel-by-the-Sea. Something unusual this year was the warning of a possible tsunami, the result of the volcano explosion in Tonga. We did witness some high wave activity but nothing dangerous. At the turn-around point in Carmel, many of us stopped for breakfast/lunch at a popular Carmel restaurant "From Scratch."  They always enjoy having us and make every effort to get as many of us served as quickly as possible.  

Please be safe out there!!  Hope to see you on the road or gravel.

The Prez, Dennis Ball


  Just when we thought this year was getting off to a great start for the cycling community, we were stunned by the tragedy of one of our own, the victim of a fatal vehicle vs cyclist traffic accident in an area frequently traveled by us all.

  Long-time bicyclist and active club member Paul Moore, who had just recently retired as a Kerman High School teacher, was tragically struck by a pickup truck while riding his recumbent tricycle at the intersection of Audubon and Friant by Woodward Park.

  To say Paul was an experienced cyclist would be an extreme understatement. Paul spent more time on his bicycles than most people spend in their cars. In his youth, he traversed the country by bicycle.  Later, he participated with two different teams in completing the Race Across America (RAAM), raced in the 508 Race, completed the Climb to Kaiser, completed Double Centuries and commuted to and from work in Kerman by bicycle. To all who knew Paul, this accident was a gut punch of disbelief. Paul was a friend to everyone who knew him. He loved all things bicycling. He will long be remembered as a great friend, teacher, father, husband and all-around great human being.

  Paul’s family and friends will be honoring Paul by placing a Memorial Bench on the trail near their home. A GOFUNDME account was set up for contributions to pay for the bench. You can contribute at:

  There will also be a Paul Moore Memorial Bike ride in the near future.  A date and time will be announced when the planning is finalized.


  There has been much consternation about how Paul's incident happened: what went wrong, whose fault was it, why did it have to happen, how could it have happened to such a great guy? The question now needs to be: How do we prevent accidents like this from happening to others?

  The Fresno Cycling Club has for years been actively pursuing better bicycling infrastructure and traffic laws related to bicycle safety. Our Director of Advocacy Tina Sumner, who, along with our long-time Advocate Nick Paladino, have worked tirelessly with state and local officials and organizations to make improvements. This recent tragedy points to the fact that there is still a lot that needs to be done. It is so unfortunate that it takes a tragedy and death before things get done.  You can help by being an active participant in advocacy, by giving your input in any upcoming surveys or meetings pertaining to bicycling infrastructure.


  Recently, our Volunteer Coordinator Diana Dean sent out an email to all members concerning Standing Positions.  The purpose of the email was to introduce the idea of Standing Positions, define what those positions are, and how they will be used to help distribute the work of the Club’s activities and events. The email also asked for volunteers to fill those positions. I encourage you to read the email and consider how your talents can fit into one of the positions to support your fellow bicyclists. If you have any questions contact VC Diana Dean,


The Everyone Loves Raymond Gravel Ride for 2022 has been moved to Saturday March 19, 2022. This was done in an effort to take advantage of the springtime greenery in our local mountains, and avoid the late-summer dust. With the weather we have been having, we hope to be in for great riding conditions. Register at


The Reedley Lions Club presents the Kings River Blossom Bike Ride on March 5, 2022. The blossoms are in bloom and this ride is a great way to see them. Here is a link to the registration


   What is it that makes Climb to Kaiser such an amazingly challenging ride? Three main factors:

  • 155 miles
  • 15,500 feet of climbing, and
  • the unpredictable weather.

  It’s not just the amount of climbing it is the degree of climbing.  The first real climb, the Wildcat Climb averages 10% grade.  Then there is the Tollhouse Climb that has segments of 15 and 19% grades.  After that is the Big Creek Climb with segments of over 20% grade.  Finally, the biggie, the Climb to Kaiser which entails 7 miles of climbing at gradients up to 20+%. You would think this would be enough of a challenge, but then you throw in the climate issues and that can make a big difference.

  The 2022 event is scheduled for June 18, 2022.  Click below for more info:

More Kaiser Info

Club Ride Calendar

 For the Latest Information on the daily, weekly, and event rides for Fresno Cycling Club, please be sure to check out the Ride Calendar!! 

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