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Rough Draft 

Aug 2022

Greetings Club members, fellow cyclists, wherever you may be!  

   It is summer, and with the heat here in the valley, those of you who can have been getting out of it. The uniqueness of Fresno/Clovis is the fact that we can escape this oppressive heat by fleeing to the coast on the West, or to the mountains on the East. While we do have great riding in our own back yard, when it is hot we enjoy putting on club rides at the coast in such great places as Monterey, Cambria, Cayucos and Pismo.  On Saturday, Aug 20th, there will be a ride starting in Cayucos and riding up to San Simeon and back. Just this last weekend, we enjoyed the annual Tour de Lakes ride up in the mountains. We had over 100 riders enjoy that ride.

Fresno Police Officer Steven Hunt

It is with heavy heart that we, the Fresno Cycling Club, extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends, and other loved ones of Steven Hunt.

Words cannot express the shock and disbelief I felt Saturday when I finally discovered the identity of the rider involved in the fatal accident that occurred during the Tour de Lakes ride today. My heart is broken over the loss of a friend and colleague that I spent the good part of his career working with. For the past couple of years he had been telling me that he was going to get a bicycle and start riding with me.  A month from retirement, and unbeknownst to me, he had just purchased an e-bike and joined the Fresno Cycling Club to do the Tour de Lakes as his first ride.  

I didn’t know he was doing the ride as he hadn’t registered (which wasn’t required for this member-only ride).  I rode to Courtright, and I never got to see anyone other than those that went up to Courtright. Most everyone else rode to Wishon only, and were gone by the time I got back to the Courtright turnoff rest stop. It was then that I learned about the accident. All I was told was that it was a rider possibly named Steve riding an e-bike.

Law Enforcement had the road blocked and wasn’t letting traffic through. I started to finish my ride back to McKinley Grove where I had started.  John Craft, who was one of our SAG drivers, talked me into just riding back with him. So I did, and I headed home still not knowing who the rider was. When I got home Gia and I started checking the recent membership registrations to see what Steve had recently signed up.  My heart sunk once I came to the realization of what had happened this day. Steve was a fun guy, a dedicated police officer and will be dearly missed.

My heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to his wife, family and all his friends.

Dennis Ball

   One of the premier cycling events in the World is the Tour de France .  Held over three weeks in July, this year’s event was an awesome race. We had 8 American racers, 7 of whom finished the race. Of the 176 starting riders there were only 137 that were able to finish the entire race. If there was ever one bicycling event that has an impact on bicycling and bicyclists around the world, it is the Tour de France. Many of the upgrades on bicycles have been introduced in the Tour over the years. This year’s race was rated as one of the best races of all time. I started watching the Tour back in 1986 when Greg Lemond, an American, raced in the Tour and won his first Tour de France. Since then, I have watched it most every year. If you want to get more motivated about cycling, watch some stages of the Tour, it is definitely motivating. It is also exciting to see more American racers do extremely well this year.

  This year, they finally brought back the women's Tour de France Femmes, with 8 stages of racing.  The Women’s Tour started on the last day of the Men’s Tour.  There are some fast women riders. It is also great to see so many talented young riders in both the women’s and the men’s racing.

  With the continuing drought we are suffering in California, we are on track to have another disastrous fire season.  Last summer there was so much smoke from the numerous fires that many of us did very little riding for nearly two months. This fire season isn’t starting out well, with three fires occurring in Mariposa County within a week during the last part of July. If in fact it does get as bad as last year, I for one will be headed to the coast as often as possible to get my riding in.  Can you say carpool?  Keep an eye on our Ride Calendar for the latest rides.

   I can’t count how many times I have warned bicyclists to stop running stop signs and red lights!  It is one of the most annoying and dangerous things that bicyclists do that irritates motorists. A few of weeks ago, I was out on a ride with friends and we were on our way back to town on Willow Ave, approaching Copper Ave. As we approached the intersection, there were cars approaching from both the east and the west. We approached the intersection where often courteous motorists would wave us on rather than having to stop.  On this occasion, we were thankful we stopped, because the vehicle in the east bound lane of Copper failed to stop and ran through the intersection. Had we not slowed and stopped it could have been a very tragic collision. This intersection is one of many that bicyclists often only “slow and go” regardless of the approaching traffic. Working to keep our bicyclists safe is why the Club promotes “riding legal,” which means following the laws of the road.

   Outside of the Blossom Time Trial series, we don't have any big events for the next two months. But, that doesn't mean we can't get out and do a lot of riding. Keep your eye on the calendar for rides that may pop up in addition to the ongoing rides. Ride leaders: let's get some good rides on the calendar.

   Well, that's about it for now. See you on the road. Be safe out there, it's a jungle.

The Prez:  Dennis B


Wednesday, Aug 3, 2022   6:30 PM

Me N Eds Victory Grill

4010 N Cedar Ave


 I just wanted to put a reminder out there for those who took the Ride Leader Training Class, I would really like to see new rides on the ride calendar. Feel free to contact myself or Henry to put the rides on the Calendar. 

 Sincerely, Vice President and A/B Ride Coordinator Mark Locatelli

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