Climb to Kaiser Volunteers

  • 06/20/2018
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Steven's Bicycles Willow - Nees


  • BBQ chicken and Tri Tip, prepare sides and salad, serve to riders and clean up.
  • Help clean up the auditorium, school grounds, and help load rest stop equipment in U-haul truck. Time from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm.
  • Pick up equipment from storage in U-haul truck, take to Alta Sierra, sort out for rest stops.

    Friday June 29th, from 0800 - 1100 am

    On Sunday return equipment to storage. 0900 - 1100.

    This will need more volunteers as not everyone can do both days.
  • Help with purchase of food products for rest stops and after ride meals. Helps store food at Alta Sierra and sort food for the rest stops.
  • Able to work any assignment
  • Responsible for placing signage on routes to warn motorists of bicycling event. Must be able to handle barricade type signs and kite signs. Signage is placed on morning of event and removed after the riders have completed the ride. Pickup or van needed. Gas reimbursement with receipt.
  • Mark ride routes with chalk paint.

    Mark course 2 - 3 days prior to event.
  • SAG - Support And Gear. Drivers utilizing their personal vehicles (start with full tank of gas) will receive SAG Bag, floor pump and water. They will be assigned to work special portions of the routes. They will be reimbursed for gas used, submit receipt after fill-up.

Registration is closed

Climb to Kaiser Volunteers are the foundation of this Great event. For 41 years the Fresno Cycling Club members and supporters have been putting on this event.

The purpose of this registration opportunity is to solicit and compile a list of the Climb to Kaiser Volunteers, determine where they want to work, and obtain their contact info.

The various positions available are as follows:

1)  After Ride Meal Preparation and Service Volunteers - assist the FACT (Filipino American Cycling Team).

2)  After Ride Cleanup Crew - receive equipment from rest stop volunteers, place in U-haul, clean up event grounds after ride.

3)  Food Logistics Volunteers - coordinate the purchase of rest stop and after ride food and distribution.

4)  General Volunteers - assigned as needed to fill positions.

5)   Logistics Volunteers - in charge of securing Rest Stop equipment from storage and distributing to rest stop leaders.

6) Rest Stop Volunteers - carry out the duties of operating their assigned rest stop to provide support to riders by preparing food and drinks.

7)  SAG Driver Volunteers -  providing Support and gear to riders on assigned courses.

8)  Signage and Course Marking - charged with marking course with Chalk Paint and placing Signage for day of event. Pick up signs after ride.

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