This is a strenuous event. Only experienced, long-distance cyclists should attempt this ride. The Fresno Cycling Club Support Team will do everything possible in order for you to complete this double century. Having said that, finishing the ride shall not take precedence over safety. If the Support Team feels it is not safe for a rider to physically, mentally, or mechanically continue, the rider will be pulled from the course. A conditioned rider should finish this ride within 20 hours.


All Riders Must Wear An Approved Helmet At All Times

  • All riders may be required to check-in at each Rest Stop in order to keep track of every rider on the course. Check-in at the conclusion of your ride so we know that you are no longer on the course.
  • All riders must wear or attach to their bike a bib number that can be easily seen.
  • All riders must carry their person identification, appropriate medical information, and a list of emergency contacts. In the event of an emergency or accident, the Fresno Cycling Club Support Team will immediately contact the appropriate emergency services agency, arrange for first aid, transportation, and/or emergency medical treatment. The cost of any emergency medical treatment, including the cost of any ambulance or emergency airlift is the responsibility of the rider.
  • All riders must conform to the California Vehicle Code and all applicable laws.
  • Please be aware of approaching vehicles and ride single file. Riding two abreast can frustrate some drivers because they cannot easily get around a bike rider. One can easily determine an experienced long-distance cyclist. That rider is always aware of safety and riding single file.
  • Riders will be disqualified if riding without lights at night.
  • Private SAGs are not allowed.
  • Notify the Fresno Cycling Club Support Team if you abandon the ride.

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